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Water Oasis Group is a leading beauty services provider and skincare and beauty product retailer in Hong Kong. Founded in 1998 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2002, from its beginnings the Group has been one of Hong Kong’s most innovative companies in the industry, responsible for numerous ‘firsts’. Coupling a clear vision with a constant impetus for development and transformation, the Group has expanded over the years into an esteemed provider of self-owned beauty services, along with a strong product portfolio of self-owned and licensed brands. Already a leading player in the territory, the Group is aiming to become a regional leader in its field across Greater China.

The Group’s core beauty services, combined under its “OASIS” brand name, together make up a synergistic portfolio of beauty services and related wellness services. When put together, the various Oasis brands deliver a remarkably comprehensive all-round service and product offering that is unlike anything else being provided in the market. The Oasis range appeals to almost all significant consumer sectors, including high-end, mid-range and mass market clients, both male and female, as well as offering a full selection of general, specialist and medical beauty services.

Alongside its Oasis brands is the Group’s self-owned GLYCEL brand, a reputable skincare brand recognized for its pioneering cell rejuvenation technology. The Group also retails and distributes selected high-quality, world-renowned skincare brands in Hong Kong, such as ERNO LASZLO and h2o+.

Corporate Milestones


Ms. WONG Man Lai, Stevie is the Chief Executive Officer of the Group starting from 2nd October, 2013. Ms. Wong has had more than 20 years of extensive leadership experience in management, marketing and sales, operations and product innovation with a strong track record of leading and developing successful beauty and skincare brand businesses in Greater China and Asia. Prior to joining the Group, she was the President of Greater China Beauty Care and then the President of Global Strategy and Innovation, Premium Consumer of a leading global consumer products and beauty care company. She was graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Business Administration.

Executive Directors

Mr. YU Kam Shui, Erastus is one of the founders of the Group and the founder of the Group’s Taiwan operation. Mr.Yu is the chairman of Disclosure Committee and a member of Investment Advisory Committee of the Company. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. Mr. Yu started his career in trading in the United States in 1993. In 1999, Mr. Yu set up Water Babe Company Limited, through which the Group’s Taiwan operations are run and is the managing director of that company. Mr. Yu is primarily responsible for the business development of the Group. Mr. Yu is the brother of Ms. Yu Lai Chu, Eileen, Ms. Lai Yin Ping’s husband, the brother-in-law of Mr. Tam Chie Sang, the uncle of Mr. Tam Siu Kei, Alan and the father of Mr. Yu Ho Kwan, Steven.

Mr. TAM Chie Sang is one of the founders of the Group. He started his career in the retail and services industry in 1967 and once owned and managed a retail jewellery chain. Since 2006, Mr. Tam started building up his business in catering industry. Mr. Tam first became involved in the cosmetic and skincare businesses in 1993 and was, together with Ms. Yu Lai Chu, Eileen, the sole distributor for several well-known international brands before the founders set up the Group. Mr. Tam is primarily responsible for the strategic planning of the Group. Mr. Tam is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Nanning City, Guangxi, the PRC and the former Officers Club Principal Adviser (Southern District) of Auxiliary Medical Service. Mr. Tam is the husband of Ms. Yu Lai Chu, Eileen, the brother-in-law of Mr. Yu Kam Shui, Erastus and Ms. Lai Yin Ping, the uncle of Mr. Yu Ho Kwan, Steven and the father of Mr. Tam Siu Kei, Alan.

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