Group’s self-owned GLYCEL brand, a reputable skincare brand recognized for its pioneering cell rejuvenation technology. GLYCEL adds a more international edge to the Group’s beauty offerings, bringing cellular therapy and anti-aging products developed in Switzerland since 1985. GLYCEL traces its proud heritage to the highly renowned Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland where has been the pioneer in cellular, anti-aging therapy. In cooperation with Schaefer Institute, the brand founder Dr. Christiaan Barnard and his team continued spent time as a research advisor to the Clinique la Prairie, and GYLCEL was introduced.

Acquired in 2010 with worldwide distribution rights, the Group is expanding its GLYCEL brand presence in Hong Kong. As at September 1,2021, it currently has 18 outlets which include a range of spas providing high-end beauty services within a resort-style ambience, along with outlets retailing the Swiss-made product range. GLYCEL is also moving into high-end beauty devices.