Love Your Skin, Like A Queen! GLYCEL Queen Ms. Grace Chan brings you to the Swiss pampered beauty holiday by Double R Treatment. lt is an exclusive mixture of the concept of Repairer and Revitalizer, which instantly repairs damaged cells and deeply revitalizes it to freeze the age of the skin, allowing beauty lovers to relax their bodies, minds, and souls.



Say hello to a flawless complexion and be confident in your own skin! OASIS medical’s leading customers to the new era of flawless perfection! A series of Pico4Genius 4D treatments developed by OASIS’s professionals were aiming to fulfill different kinds of spot removal and skin whitening pursues, with Pico4Genius, the way of skin whitening, will be rewrote!


Experience the Switzerland journey of skin rejuvenation with GLYCEL Red Treasure Series, which is empowered by a wealth of valuable ingredients from Switzerland, it provides comprehensive nourishment to your skin cells, making your complexion look and feel more radiant, resilient and elastic than it has in years.


New technological breakthrough in whitening!GLYCEL brand new “White Reface Series” combines Switzerland advanced whitening and brightening technology and creates whitening barrier by our unique White Illuminating Diamond Complex, leaves skin glowing and bright.


OASIS medical’s proudly present the state-of-the-art eye treatment technology that effectively improves eye bags, dark circles, fine lines/ wrinkles and sagging eyelids in one go. The new device releases the mesh magnetic frequency (MP) 2 and magnetic pulse energy (PEMF) at the same time to stimulate collagen regeneration. It also promotes blood circulation and tighten the skin around your eyes, effectively get rid of sagging eyelid, under-eye wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles.


GLYCEL never stop leading the city’s beauty lovers to the journey that begins in the Swiss Alps, proudly announced Ms. Christine Gou Yunhui to be the brand’s spokesperson and the new launch of the Swiss Essentials Essence Lotion that induces perfect skin regeneration.


OASIS teamed up with Joey Yung to create a huge social viral of new spot-killer device- PicoGenius!PicoGenius surpasses the traditional picosecond laser technologies to deliver the most ruthless and accurate energy in a more faster way. With the dual-wavelength characteristic, PicoGenius targets all kinds of spots and break pigments into a fine dust, with less heat damage and pain, PicoGenius delivers the enjoyable treatment experience.


OASIS has launched the brand new comprehensive slimming treatment – “TriPower Slimax”, burning stubborn fat under the layers of skin while firming and tightening skin to achieve ideal body sharp. Led by Joey Yung and a group of KOLs of social media, it creates a new slimming trend in town.


GLYCEL has launched The Line series, it is designed to treat skin cell rejuvenation needs and repair skill cells in all round. The Line series are enriched with 3 Water Castle Swiss Spring Waters building up the unique “3 X 3 Nature Tech System”. They combine the natural healing energy and advanced cell technology perfectly. They endow the need from cell to skin and become “The One” to the cell.


Stay close the latest Korean beauty trend, a new innovative Korean-style skin concept online shop O~KO! beauty was set up.


Eurobeauté is established to bring a high-end professional home beauty products to ladies. It aims at improving the skin quality and creating a truly personalized “Home Salon“ treatment.


GLYCEL has launched the 1-Touch Intelligent Eye Therapist in August 2016 and invited Cecilia Wang, Kathy Yuen and Lillian Chan to be the brand’s ambassadors.


Oasis launched a full scale brand campaign “Nude Beauty”. Led by the well-known HK singer, Joey Yung and a group of key-opinion-leaders of beauty, promoting the perfection of one’s natural beauty.


Newly developed an advanced home use medical skincare brand, DermaSynergy and introduced OASIS Health, as a professional nutritional consulting service to customers.


OASIS beauty introduced OASIS nail providing professional nail services


GLYCEL successfully set up counter at China Department Store.


Awarded sole distributorship of the US famous brand – Erno Laszlo in Hong Kong and PRC markets


Opened our first OASIS Medical Center providing specialized medical beauty treatments and services Awarded the exclusive distributorship of Yves Rocher products in department stores in PRC. First retail outlet commenced operation


Opened our French floral boutique, Oasis Florist, for supporting the Group’s brand image, while supplying floral arrangements for internal use as well as to the general public.


Extended the OASIS Beauty concept by developing the first “OASIS Homme” centre


First “OASIS Beauty” commenced operation


Successful listing on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code:1161)


First “OASIS Spa” commenced operation


First ~H2O+ retail outlet commenced operation

Incorporation of Water Oasis Company Limited