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The Group has confirmed the development direction that echoes the tagline “Strengthen the Momentum: Transform and Innovate,” embracing innovation and change with great courage
Since 2013, our Group’s core Hong Kong business has made substantial progress and achieved good profitability. Comparing to Korea, Japan and Taiwan, the beauty industry in Hong Kong, in particular the high-end and high-efficacy beauty services, has enormous market potential. Capitalizing on a stable customer base and an increasing customer loyalty, the beauty services business in Hong Kong will be a key growth driver of the Group in the next few years. Going forward, we will execute our development strategy of “Strengthen the Momentum: Transform and Innovate” in five aspects:


We will continue to launch strategic and innovative beauty services and product offerings, including DermaSynergy under the OASIS medical and OASIS health brand. DermaSynergy is a professional medical beauty product created to achieve better effects after medical aesthetic treatment while OASIS health introduces a series of healthcare products recommended by registered Dietitian in 2015/2016 to match with different beauty and weight management treatments.

Customer Experience

We will continue our investment in spa and beauty centres through procurement of new and more advanced spa and beauty equipments so as to enhance their appeal and competitiveness. We have also spent considerable efforts on redefining our service flow and upgrading the VIP experience, ensuring that all our visitors receive the kind of professional and attentive services that reflect our Group’s service philosophy.

Flagship Model

We are implementing a flagship model to advance business expansion. In 2014, our Group has relocated our Central branch of GLYCEL to a much larger location in the Entertainment Building in Central, creating a new flagship GLYCEL Premier Spa for Central. The opening of a new combined OASIS Medical Centre and OASIS Homme Centre adjacent to this flagship GLYCEL Premier Spa not only boosts consumer awareness of our range of businesses, but also facilitates efficiencies in manpower and use of space, thus addressing some of the external challenges that all Hong Kong market players are facing.

Multi-brand marketing

We will further enhance brand awareness and strengthen our customer relationship management system and O2O marketing model. Since the launch of the “Water OASIS Brand Repositioning Campaign” in August 2014, the Group has reorganized a major cluster of our businesses under the OASIS brand and captured the synergies between these businesses. In the campaign, each of the OASIS brands is an inter-related entity that shares a close and consistent brand identity with the others. Given the immense opportunities for cross-fertilization between the brands, we have advanced our business development with the launch of a single OASIS membership card which can be used for any OASIS-branded business sector.


We will explore wholesale opportunities for all of our brands and strengthen our e-commerce platform to attract new users by innovative means.